Racine Heritage Museum Taylor Home Records

For those looking to obtain information about themselves, a parent, or grandparents from Taylor Home Records, held by Racine Heritage Museum, please fill out and submit the application form below. Research will not begin until all required paperwork and documentation has been received and will take 4-6 weeks.

Downland the application form here:  Taylor Home Record Application

Please Note:

From time to time Racine Heritage Museum may accept collections that are historically important but contain or reference sensitive information. Access to these collections is, therefore restricted, by law, by donor request, or at the discretion of the Museum.

Researchers seeking access to restricted collections are required to abide by the unique set of requirements that govern access to each of these collections. These may include providing personal identification, notarized vital records and other documentation. Other collections may be restricted under a term lien imposed by the donor and will not be available until that lien expires.

We do understand that these restrictions may impede or delay research efforts; however, we are bound by law and by our respect for the privacy of individuals, living and dead, whose sensitive and personal information is contained within the permanent collection in our care.