Racine Heritage Museum Policy & Procedures

Racine Heritage Museum Research Center Policy & Procedures

  1. All visitors must register upon entering the Research Center
  2. All visitors must us pencil only.
  3. Laptop, tablets, and other electronic devices may be used only with permission.
  4. Cell phones are not allowed in the Research Center – you must step out for any phone calls.
  5. Food and beverages, including water, are not allowed.
  6. All outerwear must be hung on the coat rack. Purses and bags must also be set on the coat rack.
  7. Not everything requested will be available on the day of the request.
  8. Original photographs, objects and other scare materials will be handled with staff assistance.
  9. Handle all materials with great care, as they are historical documents.
  10. Photographing materials is NOT ALLOWED.
  11. The Research Center does not loan out any materials.
  12. RHM does not license the publication of museum-held records to online research services.
  13. RHM reserves the right to inspect all notes, photocopies, and other items before leaving.
  14. RHM is not responsible for personal items, either lost or stolen.

If at any time you have a question about any of the above,

please see an Research Center staff member or visit our F.A.Q. page.