Racine Heritage Museum Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a copy of the research I found?

Yes – Documents and photographs can be reproduced through copy, photocopy, or scanning. These reproductions may not be available the day they are requested. All photocopies are made on yellow paper and stamped with RHM’s usage rights.

Is everything in the Research Center available for me to look at?

No – From time to time Racine Heritage Museum may accept collections that are historically important but contain or reference sensitive information. Access to these collections is, therefore restricted, by law, by donor request, or at the discretion of the Museum.

Researchers seeking access to restricted collections are required to abide by the unique set of requirements that govern access to each of these collections. These may include providing personal identification, notarized vital records and other documentation. Other collections may be restricted under a term lien imposed by the donor and will not be available until that lien expires.

We do understand that these restrictions may impede or delay research efforts; however, we are bound by law and by our respect for the privacy of individuals, living and dead, whose sensitive and personal information is contained within the permanent collection in our care.

Is there a fee for reproduction copies for personal use?

Yes – There is a fee for any copies, photocopies, or scans produced. All fees are subject to change. All materials are available at the discretion of the archivist.

Can I use an RHM image/document in a published work or advertisement?

Yes – As with reproduction copies for personal use, there is a fee. Racine Heritage Museum’s Use and License Fees apply whenever any image, document or reproduction from the Racine Heritage Museum Research Center will be published or reproduced for public access. Credit must be given to the Racine Heritage Museum, including the line: Racine Heritage Museum Collection.

I can’t make it to the Research Center when it is open to the public, can I come a different time?

Yes –  with an advance appointment, the Research Center can be opened to an individual for research on an hourly basis. The fee is $35 an hour – copy and photo fees are not included in this price. Please call 262.636.3926 or email us at inquire@racineheritagemuseum.org to set up an appointment.

I live far away and can’t personally visit the Research Center, is someone available to do the research for me?

Yes – A researcher will compile information from multiple sources on your research topic. The fee is $35 an hour, prepaid, and up to 12 photocopies per paid hour and shipping & handling are included in the fee. Photographic reproductions are not included in the fee. The hourly fee applies whether or not a record is found.

Quick Searches are also available! Quick Searches are 15-minute searches about one person or topic and include three photocopies and shipping and handling for $10. Quick Searches are only available to patrons within the Unites States. As with hourly searches, fees apply whether or not a record is found.

How long will it take to get my research?

Most research requests can be answered in four weeks after payment is received, but depending on the volume of requests, it may take longer. Rushed requests are possible (two week response) at double the normal fee.

I already have done some research, should I include it in my inquiry?

Yes – Please provide copies or any related information you already have. This will help guide the research process and ensure you do not get any duplicates.