Racine Heritage Museum Collections

Racine Heritage Museum collects and cares for the stories and physical evidence of Racine County’s diverse people and their cultural roots, their inventive manufacturing and business stories, their richly complex communities, and so much more. The artifacts we care for are both flat and three-dimensional, and are common and quirky, such as:

  • A ca. 300 BCE Egyptian mummy (our oldest artifact)
  • A Case 65 Steam Traction Engine (our heaviest artifact)
  • Evidence of Racine County’s underground railroad
  • Milk bottles, calendars, and advertising objects
  • Implements made and used by the County’s Native American populations
  • Roller Polo sticks and photos
  • A motorized Poky Little Puppy, and a wearable Poky suit
  • Racine-built automobiles, boats, and agricultural equipment
  • And so much more!

Horlick Can

Donate your history

Racine Heritage Museum accepts donations of material related to Racine and Racine County, the people who live/d here, their families, work, home life, recreational activities, military service, and their national and international connections, and more.

We appreciate the donation of objects that are in compliance with our mission of telling the stories of Racine County.  However, due to limited resources, we can only accept objects into the collection that have undergone careful consideration by our staff.  Donations will be reviewed by appointment only.  No drop-offs or mail-ins, please.  If you would like to submit a donation for consideration, please call (262)636-3926 or email inquire@racineheritagemuseum.org