Racine Heritage Museum Student Programs

Artifact Introduction Tour

This “gloves-on” tour begins with a deductive reasoning activity to identify an artifact. Student learn about museum work and the mission of the Racine Heritage Museum. This tour ends with a scavenger hunt!

Underground Railroad

Joshua Glover escaped from his master in Missouri in 1852 and became a member of the Racine County Community for two years before being captured. Look into his life as an escaped man and discover how the Racine Community joined together to free him. Besides our exciting Racine stories, this program has participants take on a slave identity to play RHM’s Underground Railroad Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game.

Marvelous Mummies

Who is Mr. Horlick and why did he have a mummy in his office? Is this mummy real? These questions and more will be answered. The activities in this program include: “What’s in the Box?” using deductive reasoning and a Mommy wrapping craft.

Pioneer Racine

This program embraces the pioneers that braved the elements to settle in Racine or pass through from their homelands. They brought trunks full of ethnic items, plus traditions and skills that helped build Racine. Learn about Mitchell wagons, how to pack a wagon… family and all, and what important belongings would fit into a trunk.

The Belles Of Baseball: Racine’s Champion AAGBPL Team

Batter up! Come explore the fascinating story of Racine’s championship winning “all-American girl” baseball team. These pioneer athletes paved the way for female athletes of today.

A Tale Of Two Doctors: Pioneer Scientists In Racine

Learn about Racine’s two most famous early doctors, Dr. Hoy and Dr. Shoop. Student will be amazed to learn how science and medicine have evolved over the past 150 years.

For details on programming – call Kari at (262) 636 – 3926 or email Kari at kdeberg@racineheritagemuseum.org. We are always willing to help teachers with their curriculum needs and can adjust programs for every age. Program and travel fees apply for programs at the Museum and off-site.

*** Please note that advance reservations are required and will be taken on a first come, first served basis. An adult chaperone is required for every ten students (chaperones free). Building constraints limit maximum visitor numbers to 40 students.